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Stand for Zebex Z-3190 CCD Handheld Scanner
Product ID 88H-90ST00-001
Price: $19.20 ($22.08 Inc. GST)
Zebex Z-3151HS-3 Laser Handheld Barcode Scanner + Stand USB Black
Product ID 88H-51HSUB-031
Price: $156.00 ($179.40 Inc. GST)
Zebex Z-3190 CCD Handheld Barcode Scanner USB Black
Product ID 88H-9000UB-001
Price: $94.80 ($109.02 Inc. GST)
Product ID RA2129
Price: Please call
Zebex Z-3191BT Laser Bluetooth Scanner and Cradle (USB)
Product ID Z-3191BT-C
Price: $565.50 ($650.33 Inc. GST)
Zebex Z-3191LE Laser Handheld Scanner USB with Stand
Product ID Z-3191LS9(U)(B)
Price: $149.50 ($171.93 Inc. GST)
Zebex Z-3220 Linear Image Handheld Barcode Scanner USB Black
Product ID Z-3220-UB
Price: $52.00 ($59.80 Inc. GST)
Zebex Z-3250BT CCD Handheld Compact Scanner Bluetooth Black
Product ID Z-3250BT
Price: $253.50 ($291.53 Inc. GST)
Zebex Z-3272 Linear Imager 2D Barcode Scanner USB Black
Product ID 88H-27SRUB-001
Price: $154.80 ($178.02 Inc. GST)
Zebra 3600 series Ethernet Adapter STD TCP/IP 24 VDC RJ45 Comapatible
Product ID EA3600-T1CP-00
Price: $1,275.94 ($1,467.33 Inc. GST)
Zebra DS3678 Cradle DC Line Cord for Single or Multi Cradles
Product ID CBL-DC-388A1-01
Price: $14.48 ($16.65 Inc. GST)
Zebra DS3678 Cradle RS232 cable
Product ID CBA-RF2-C09ZAR
Price: $97.31 ($111.90 Inc. GST)
Zebra DS3678-SR Rugged Area Imager cordless FIPS Industrial Green
Product ID DS3678-SR0F003VZWV
Price: $1,342.00 ($1,543.30 Inc. GST)
Zebra DS9208 USB Counter 2D Imager Scanner
Product ID DS9208-SR4NNU21Z
Price: $300.00 ($345.00 Inc. GST)
Zebra Power Supply for DS3678 Cradle 12v 50W
Product ID PWR-BGA12V50W0WV
Price: $78.77 ($90.58 Inc. GST)
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